Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Randomness of My Week

Congratulations to my bloggy friend, Mrs. Staff Sergeant, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Sunday! Vivienne Grace was about 4 1/2 weeks early, so she's staying in the hospital and playing a little bit of catch up. She's getting stronger every day, and I know she'll be home in no time. Please keep this family and this little girl in your prayers tonight!

We're having an odd week at our house this week. My husband left town yesterday to fly out and drive his mom and step-dad from Wisconsin to Florida, which are the two states they split their time between every year. They're in their mid-80's and not quite able to make that long trek by themselves anymore. I encouraged my husband to go so that he'd get a nice visit with his mom who adores him. She'll hate to let him go next week, but I need him back here by election day so that I don't have to go through that chaos alone.

In the mean time, my parents are coming out to give me a hand for a few days so I don't have to miss a lot of work to drop off/pick up the kids. Don't get me wrong -- I'd much rather take care of them than work, but I don't have a lot of choice in the matter. For now, it's fun getting to pack their lunches, kiss them goodbye at school and be there when they get out of class with a big smile on their face. Starting tomorrow, it's back to the same ol' routine.

This week my son and I have been working on a book report that he's giving on Thursday. He chose the book, "How Fletcher Was Hatched." Anyone ever heard of it?

We found this copy at an antique shop that I love to browse through in a town nearby. We always find a book or two whenever we're there, and that's one thing I'm always happy to buy for the kids. Anyway, it's a book I loved as a girl, and I was delighted that my son picked it. Part of the project is creating a canister filled with items that help tell the story. We made chicks, painted a wooden egg and bundled some sticks to put inside. It was fun having a chance to be creative. Tonight we finish it -- perhaps I'll put up some pictures if I can.

My other project of the week: Halloween. And I don't even mean Halloween at home. No, I'm talking about at work, where they get so into the day that it nearly takes over the day. First there's the group themes that everyone comes up with. Our part of the building is doing "Las Vegas," so we've got posters of all the hotels, decorations to hang up, and we're even making a little 24 hour wedding chapel. We all have costumes, which include a magician (me), dealers, priest for the chapel, Blue Man group, old bingo lady/tourist, cocktail waitress, and cigar girl. We're trying to talk someone into Elvis, but no such luck yet. I bought some trick cards for a magic prop, as well as a black top hat that I'll stick a bunny in. It's all about the props.

Then there's what the company plans for us. They bring in a catered lunch, have a pumpkin carving contest, a pie eating contest, and of course there's judging for best costume/theme/decorations, etc. Not to mention that at the end of the events, we're all invited to go "trick or treating" through the office, where each person is invited to have goodies to give out. For our area I've got chocolate poker chips and chocolate cash. It's all in good fun, but I'll be kind of glad when it's over.

To my husband: Hello to you in whatever state you are today! Leave a comment, fella!


Ranch Girl said...

Oh my, how do you keep track of everything you do?! Have fun at your Halloween Day at work!

Ali said...

Nobody wants to be Elvis?! The wedding chapel sounds cute. Too bad your hubby isn't in town, y'all could renew your vows and he could promise to close the kitchen cabinets, pick his underwear up off the bathroom floor, not make us mad...everything we didn't know about at our first wedding:)

Jamey said...

oooo I want to come to your work for halloween! that sounds so fun.Have fun with it!