Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Work World

Today I'm going to share with you a small peek into the life of the Executive Assistant. There are good days and there are not so good days. I haven't decided which one this is yet.

- Got up at 4am. Not so good.
- Left home at 5am and headed for Panera, which told my husband on the phone last night that they open at 5am. Good.
- Arrived at Panera at 5:15 only to find that they open at 6am. Not so good, AND, they're liars.
- Left Panera and hurried to Safeway where it was too early for fresh baked goods. Blurg.
- Bought muffins, croissant, bagels, cream cheese, oranges, grapes and raspberries. Added these to all of the stuff in my trunk that I bought the night before: yogurt, juice, chips and beer.
- Drove the rest of the way to work, where it was so early, the front door doesn't even open yet. Not so good.
- Got in through the side entrance, found a cart and hauled it out to my car. Loaded up, hauled it all inside. In new shoes. That are so big I have bubble wrap stuffed in the tip of one, and a target bag in the other, and they hurt. I now have band aids crammed in there, too. Crap!
- Set out the breakfast and was ready to finish my boss' presentation by 7am. Sweet.
- Finished the presentation, put out the coffee and exhaled.
- Found out at 8:30 that the boss isn't going to give the presentation after all. Come on!

And I did it all with a smile on my face and with a happy helpful attitude. Except for that moment in the hallway when I was swearing at my shoes, but nobody heard me, so I don't think it counts.

The highlights of my day today will be: decorating the Christmas tree in our lobby with other employees, and spending some company money on toys for our toy drive that starts tomorrow. I think we know what the low lights were. Isn't it nice that I can laugh at myself? I've always had that gift.


Ranch Girl said...

Oh my goodness, Mer! I have a newfound respect for you (not that I didn't before, just more of it now!) - I so could not do what you do for work - I'd have to hurt someone, and just in the first few hours of your day today, I don't know that I'd have any laughter in me! You're a stud (or is that studette?!)

The Mom Jen said...

I'm still thinking about the beer, was that for the breakfast too? ;)

When I start complaining about being home all the time, i'll come back and read this. Hope your day gets better!

KKJ said...

Hopefully you got a good breakfest out of all that mess. Or at least had a beer.

Merrie said...

I suppose beer didn't really fit in well with my plans, did it? It seems that this meeting will go all day, and at the end, they like to have "happy hour." So I bought 3 six packs of my faves, had my son pick out some chips (he chose cool ranch doritos and reduced fat ruffles - lol), and they'll be drinking it up around 5-6pm. By then I'll have rolled towards home, but am hoping there will be leftovers that I can partake of on Wed.

John Deere Mom said...

Ugh. The only part of that story that appealed to me was PANERA! LOVE it. Although spending company money sounds pretty sweet too!

kel said...

I kinda missed the working world... but you just changed my mind! kidding, of course. I still miss it and you sound like a busy lady!

Rebekah said...

Ok. Back up a second. Where does the beer come in?

LOL- but I see there are other commenters that have the same question.

Anonymous said...


You deserve serious props for that. Not sure I could swing that 4am stuff. I have a hard enough time just getting my own home/family ready for Christmas, much less the office!

Ali said...

You've already had a busy day by the time I wake up!

Mere said...

You poor thing! What a whirlwind! That would not have been my cup of tea! I'm glad you can laugh at yourself tho!

Love, Mere

Anonymous said...

I've ALWAYS treating my admin people (or not necessarily MY admin people but admin who worked around me) with the utmost respect... simply because they have to put up with shit like this.

Very well done.