Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I've decided to give this "Not Me! Monday" bit a whirl.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not stay in my house all day Saturday and all day Sunday, with the only venture out being a walk to my neighbors house to see her beautiful new cabinets.

I certainly did not learn how to play Lego Star Wars on the Wii, nor did I proceed to play for hours upon hours with my son over the course of 48 hours. I would never waste my time in such a manner, and I would certainly not jokingly call him a brat after he accidentally blew me up for the 40th time. Not me!

I also did not start reading "Twilight" on Friday, only to discover that I'm possibly the first person I know not being sucked into it, and losing all sense of time. That's only for Star Wars. It's a nice book, and I'm liking the characters well enough, but so far it's a tad tedious to see Edward being so evasive about why he is the way he is. I want to yell at the girl, "Because he's a vampire, you idiot!" But I did not do that, of course.

We did not purchase a bag of peanut butter mnm's, devour them, and then wonder if we'd just poisoned ourselves like fools. So far, so good.

We did not watch "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" on Saturday night. Is it wrong to be a little bit in love with a lion named Azlan?

Today, I am not rearranging the desk I have upstairs to accommodate things I'm going to start moving from downstairs, because I can no longer stand having two desks on two floors. I think I can do a better job when all of my work is in one place, don't you?


angi_b72 said...

Great Job on your forst Not me Monday. I usually do it every Monday but haven't gottena chance yet today!! Have a great week!

mom24boys said...

Fun post! Be's addictive! (And I, like you, could not get the Twilight frenzy, either.) Does it ever feel good to know I am not the only one! Good luck on the pb m&m's--I don't think they use pb paste, if it makes you feel better--Man, do they ever sound good!

Mere said...

I wasn't addicted to the first book that much either....keep reading tho...they become SUPER addictive!

Love, Mere

Ali said...

Yep, I'm a Twilight addict! I do find it annoying that Bella is such a klutz and we get, Edward is beautiful, sheesh!

Jamey said...

Edward is beautiful? when did read that? OH yeah everywhere!! LOL on the M& M's I almost spit out my mocha! you FOOLS:0) I LOVE prince caspien, wasn't it a great movie? On my Saturday post the song from that movie was my song choice listen to it if you havent heard it!