Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Books Books Books

I think I've mentioned that I love reading. LOVE. IT.

With this addiction comes my one downfall: I over-collect books to read.

Right now, just off the top of my head, I can tell you that I have:

- 3 books on my grandmother's hope chest (two of which are the last two Twilight books)
- 2 books on my kitchen counter from my mom
- 2 books in my scrapbooking tote from my friend Gypsy
- 1 book in my purse that I'm actually reading
- 8-10 books on my bookshelf that I have every intention of reading when these are finished

And then, of course, there are the millions of books out there inside of libraries and book stores that are calling my name. Can't you hear the voices??

What's great is that I know I will read them -- I just need to find more free book time! Lately I find random moments to read. Of course there's lunch time, but if I forget to bring, I end up going out to buy, which means very little free time. (Today I finally remembered to bring, so it'll be at least 30 minutes of reading time for me!) Sometimes I even read in the Starbucks drive through.

Currently I'm reading this:

It's a library book that I picked up a few weeks ago when my son and I joined a local library. (It's not in our town, but it's new and very inviting, making Charlie and I want to spend hours and hours inside of it.) God bless the library, where I can read oh so many books for FREE.

This particular read isn't the best ever, which you may have noted when I said I "picked it up a few weeks ago." If I like a book, it won't take me more than a few days to read it. This one is a series of short stories, and it may be that I'm not a short story kind of gal. What I think I want from a short story is a beginning, middle and end -- just like any book or blog post. However, these tend to end in a very anti-climactic way, surprising me nearly every time. I keep getting left hanging, wondering what was about to happen, or where the people would end up. Apparently I need closure!

Next on my list is "Insomnia" by Stephen King. It's my other library book that is due in just over a week, and based on the thickness of it, I don't think there's a hope that I'll be done with it by the 26th.

Unless, of course, I really LOVE it!


John Deere Mom said...

I love Jennifer Weiner. I haven't read this one though. I might have to check it out!

mom3crazygirls said...

I have the same problem with books! I have probably 5 that are partly read and another 20 in the que