Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catching Up!

I haven't blogged in a week, and I owe it all to my job. Thank you, Job!

Thank you for having a meeting on Friday that I had to prepare a 130 slide presentation for!

Thank you to all the people who didn't get me their input until 4pm the day before the meeting!

Thank you for keeping me here until 7pm Thursday night, especially when I had to leave my house at 5am Friday morning!

Thank you for making me put off so many little things that I am now playing mad-crazy-catch-up and people are actually annoyed with me!

Thank you that, despite all the hard work, I now look like an ass.

Alright...sarcasm aside.

The meeting went over very well, and everyone was very happy with the outcome. I look forward to planning this event every year because it's the only one I get to do. Unfortunately, the economy being what it is, we had a much smaller budget this year and it wasn't quite the upscale event I usually enjoy. Still, there's something to be said for how happy we were, despite our surroundings.


This weekend an aunt and uncle of mine celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and their kids hosted a very nice party for them at the same place they'd had their wedding reception 50 years before! Apparently the cost to rent the hall this weekend was $500. Guess how much it was 50 years ago? Seven dollars!!

The age difference between my husband and me tells me that we're not likely to celebrate 50 years together. He'd be 89 if we did, and while I wouldn't mind him living well into his 90's, it just isn't the most common thing to expect. I'm just going to enjoy celebrating each year that we do make it to, including this year, which will be ten years. A few weeks after we hit 10, my parents are taking us and the kids to Hawaii for a week, so we're looking forward to a night out on our own there.


Another highlight of the weekend included Noelle's soccer game where she finally braved her way to the front of the pack a few times and managed to kick the ball. She felt so proud of herself, which was awesome to see. One of these days I'll get my camera charged and actually post some pictures.

And now to do some blog catch up and see what's going on in everyone else's world!

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