Friday, March 27, 2009

A Friday Morning

I love Friday mornings.

I wasn't crazy about this one at first -- I woke up with a headache which I discovered when a certain husky decided to bang scratch lightly on the back door at 6am this morning. Time to get up and eat something so that I can take my Excedrin!

Beyond that, though, it's nice to be a little lazy and not rush into work, because I know that none of my bosses are going to.

I watched "The Office" from last night -- wow.

Then, after Rick joined me at the couches, I turned on the news to check the weather. (Because I plan my outfits accordingly, thank you. California weather today = comfortable light casual Friday clothes.) We were disappointed to discover our new president was giving a live speech, where apparently he was "announcing" that our focus in Afghanistan is to keep the Taliban and Al Quaida from taking over. OOOH! Thank you, Mr. Obama, because I wasn't sure why we were there all these years. NOW I know! It seems he's sending over another 4,000 troops over, and felt the need to explain why.

All of you who believed his campaign promises that he would be bringing our troops home, please stand up.

Don't feel too gullible right now -- that's what campaign promises are all about. Saying what you know the people want to hear so that they'll vote for you, even though most of us knew you were full of horse apples.

After that fun news, I decided it was time to get ready for work. I ran back and forth from my bathroom to the kitchen, helping Noelle with her homework, which consisted of writing all of her numbers over and over. I wish my job was as easy as hers.

Despite the fact that I'm now at work, away from my family and in the depths of business, I feel good about the coming weekend. I've promised Charlie that we'll watch "Transformers" together, Noelle has a soccer game, and we're getting our taxes done. These are all good things, as long as we find out we're getting some money back and not the other way around!

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