Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In My Eyes

I got busted today.

Busted downtown.

By my opthomologist.

That's right, I finally went to see one after wearing the same pair of disposable lenses for the last two months. I knew it was naughty, but in all of my spare time, WHEN was I going to go?

The opportunity finally presented itself today. We knew we were going to have a meeting at Charlie's school soon, and sure enough, it was scheduled for today in the middle of the day. Instead of figuring out how to be an Executive Assistant and a Mom, I chose to wear only the Mom hat and took a personal day. What to do with all of those other unused hours? See the eye doctor!

My girl Gypsy works for a couple of great doctors right here in our town, and my husband goes there, too, so I set it up. I knew it couldn't be good that for the last several weeks I've had to constantly stick my finger in my eye to readjust one of the lenses every time I sneeze or look to the right. I also knew my lens shouldn't have calcium deposits steadily growing on it, but what could I do? My glasses are too annoying (and old) to wear all of the time, and thanks to the sun being so bright, I prefer to wear sunglasses at all outdoor moments.

When I arrived, I learned that I've been in the dark ages about glasses. Do you know that there are now designer frames from Fendi and Coach?? I love my Coach bags, but glasses? I suppose you can get shot glasses now, too. I wouldn't know -- I'm apparently not that hip. I'm also not that rich, so I eased away from them before I could find a pair I liked.

At the start of my appointment, it wasn't long before I had to confess my bad lens behavior to Dr. T, though it wouldn't have taken him long to figure it out on his own. Apparently the tops of my corneas are "thrashed." What's left of them, anyway. Ouch.

Thankfully, with regard to my eyeballs, everything else is in perfect working condition, and if I don't blow it, they'll stay that way. Sir, yes sir. I couldn't help but apologize -- I do actually like my eyes, and want to be a better caregiver to them. He made me promise I'll take them out every night, or at least every other night. Then he gave me a trial pair to put in for a trial run, which they'll order for me if I like them. Putting them in was like "buttah," and I can't believe I waited so long to get new and improved ones. They're like little pieces of soft silk for my eyes! I'm in contact lens heaven.

After all of that fun it was time to pick out frames. I'm due for a new pair and wanted to go all the way with my sight seeing collection. The nice lady who helps people buy lots of things laid out a bunch of glasses for me to try on. The latest trend is definitely the rectangular ones that I didn't think would look good on my very enormous round head, but I surprised myself by liking a particular pair of them. Not Fendi, but I'm horrified to admit that after I picked them, I discovered the label said two words that made me cringe a little.

I'm not a big fan of Puffy P. Diddy Sean, but it seems I do like his glasses.

Thanks Puff Daddy. For real.


Tami said...

DON"T click on that Ed link - it takes you to Asian porn and has a virus!!!!

Anywho, I haven't really mentioned my Coach obsession on my blog but in Feb when I finally went to the eye doc (after at least a year of thinking I needed to go) I ended up with Coach glasses :) and I love them!!

You are a better person than me, I don't care for P Diddy....Puffy....Sean Combs at all and would have immediately put them back and found another pair - lol! It would be even worse if I picked out something that had Kanye's name on it!

Ali said...

I don't wear glasses--yet--but I do hate it when I find sunglasses that I love and it ends up being Jessica Simpson or something like that!

kristen said...

I have done this exact thing numerous times....keep wearing the last pair of contacts for months until you just can't stand it anymore and sheepishly walk into the eye doctors office hoping he won't realize how bad you've been! I had Lasik surgery 2 years ago and LOVE not messing with glasses/contacts anymore!! What an amazing thing to open your eyes in the middle of the night and actually be able to read the alarm clock!

I have a similar "celebrity" product purchase. I found some perfume that I loved (I don't normally buy perfume and hadn't had any for years but I loved this stuff)....looked at the box and it was Paris Hilton's perfume! Ack!! I put it back refusing to buy it but finally gave in a couple of months later! My husband couldn't believe I actually bought a Paris Hilton product!

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

I've been there too. What's a girl to do when she's busy?

Merrie said...

Kristen -- I SO want to do Lasik, but it will probably have to wait until our finances are a little better. Glad to know it worked for you, even if you do smell like Paris Hilton. hehe

Sarah -- Exactly!

Jamey said...

LOVE my coach glasses and will be getting another pair soon, cause they rock! hillarious about the P. Diddy glasses, oh well I won't look at the label.