Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Nearly Wednesday!

I've spent the last two days up to my neck at work with a bid for a $40 million dollar proposal. It went out and I exhaled...for about an hour. Then I attempted to find my desk again, as it's been buried under the bid documents and everything else that's been on hold since it took over my life. I was happy to find about half of it, as well as most of my book case.

Between that and everything else going on in my life, it isn't helping that I'm borderline obsessing about the swine flu situation. All I can think about is 1918, and how desperately I don't want that to happen to my family, or anyone else I love for that matter. Even though I know I would love to stay at home with my family for an extended period of time, I don't think I'd be terribly happy about it if it was because we were quarantined.

Speaking of quarantines...

You'll never guess where my parents are this week.

Take a WILD guess!

They made arrangements last year to take a cruise to Mexico this week. They got on the boat Saturday, and by today they were told that they were being diverted out of Mexico waters and back to the U.S. to take some exciting tours of...San Diego and Catalina Island. Woo hoo -- will the excitement ever stop?? They were so looking forward to the Mexican Riviera, and I'm hopeful that the cruise line will give them a credit towards going back someday.

Dad did let me know that they're having a fantastic time, and that my Mom was especially happy now that she'd "hit a jackpot." Thank God for small favors. Riviera Schmiviera -- bring on the slots!


Jamey said...

Oh no, that is terrible about the cruise! I am glad they are making the best of it... cash always helps!

KKJ said...

Take comfort in that we aren't living with 1918 technology. We have 2 approved anti-viral drugs now to combat it!

Susiewearsthepants said...

I have been a little freaked out myself. I told the girls to be very careful at school and to wash their hands thoroughly. It sounds like your parents are making the best of the cruise. What rotten luck though.

Darcie - Such The Spot said...

That's sucky about your parents cruise. They should have at least been told *before* the boarded the boat shouldn't they have? Sheesh.

And as for that $40 million dollar bit. Um...you need a vacay. How does the Mexican riviera sound?