Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dinner Part Two

Dinner with the pig turned out just fine. When we arrived, they "escorted us" to the back room, where a table for the kiddos was set up in the middle of the room.

Us parents were welcome to sit at any surrounding booth where we could watch the festivities.

Charlie and Noelle made friends with the other girls there quickly, and all was well until Wilbur arrived. By the time he joined the party, Noelle was crazy with excitement, and all but ran up and hugged him. (Which she did a lot of later.) Charlie on the other hand...

My seven year old boy crawled under the table!

Here's the excited Noelle...

And here's Charlie being talked to by Wilbur and his "rep." They tried to woo him out, but he wasn't having any of that. Can you really blame him? Giant stuffed pigs would make anyone nervous when less than 5 feet tall.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed their free dinner, valued at around three dollars. Rick and I, on the other hand, paid full price for more deliciousness than we could handle, for around the tune of $45. Who's the sucker here?

Here's our free $45 photo.

But, of course, it was well worth it to make this one happy.

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John Deere Mom said...

I love your free $45 photo! Ha! And I am impressed that Noelle snuggled up to the pig for a pic. I don't think either of my kids would have been brave enough!