Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dinner's on the Pig

There’s some excitement around our house today.

Last weekend we went to dinner at Famous Dave’s BBQ, which is the one place my kids are guaranteed to be happy about before, during and after. While Noelle prefers to choose from their kid menu choices of mac-n-cheese or corn dogs, Charlie has discovered the joys of ribs, brisket and a variety of BBQ sauces. That’s m’ boy! Both kids love all the décor of the place, too, as it’s covered with funny signs and sayings. Rick and I just thank God that there’s one restaurant in the world (and by restaurant I do not mean McDonalds) that we can suggest, and the kids don’t immediately start to whine and cry, “Nooooo!”

While we were there, both kids entered their “color a picture to win dinner with Wilbur” contest. Apparently they pick 10 kids each week who get to…have dinner with Wilbur. Hence the contest name.

I don’t know if they didn’t get a lot of entries this week, or if we got super lucky, because both kids won for this week’s dinner! I have no idea what to expect, but from what I’ve seen in blog land, there will be dinner, Wilbur and possibly even some games. Whatever happens, I think the kids are in for a treat.

And Rick and I aren’t exactly upset about going there for dinner again, either, even if we do have to pay for our own. Bring it, Wilbur!


Ranch Girl said...

Congrats to you Charlie and Noelle! We've never been there, but I do LOVE BBQ!

Ali said...

How lucky! I love finding restaurants that satisfies the whole family!

The Mom Jen said...

Congrats to them! We haven't been there, but my boy has 3 coupons from school for a free kids meal! We need to go sometime!

John Deere Mom said...

How exciting is that?! Congrats!

Jamey said...

Wow that is so cool!! Have fun. BTW I had fun tonight at Mars Hill, so glad you could make it!

kel said...

How cool is that?? We just recently got one in our area and it's delish!!