Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Tree

You might remember the post where I talked about our front yard tree?

The synopsis is this: we have this very large enormous tree in our yard that our neighbor hates. He's broached the idea of us taking it down, and we've held out due to lack of funds to pay for such an undertaking. Just look at the size of this thing!

Just look at all the shade our tree provides to our home in the early morning hours! Later in the day it shades our favorite neighbors down the court. Who couldn't love that?

But alas, he finally made an offer we couldn't refuse. He found an acquaintance who would do the work for only $600, and not only did the neighbor offer to pay half, but he also provided his own truck for hauling away the tree's carcass. That's right, I said carcass!

We gave in and said yes. *sigh* Even knowing all the damage this tree could cost us in the long run, I was still sorry to say goodbye to it.

On Sunday, the team of tree killers cutters arrived and began their work.

The shade is gone. All that's left is a stump. Goodbye old friend -- you'll never be forgotten by this family.


Ranch Girl said...

After we moved, the people who bought our house chopped down the big beautiful holly tree - it's so sad to drive by and see it gone - I loved that tree!

kel said...

Boo!!! That stinks!!!

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