Monday, November 2, 2009

Blog News

I feel like sharing some favorite Blog news. Because it's my blog and I can if I want to. So there.

First and foremost: I am now an entity all my own! Check it out up above -- I'm now!

After a little thought I decided to go for it and drop the blogspot. Mama Kat inspired me on that one, and it was so easy to do, so why not? Click on her name to read about how and why.

Now to share some favorite bloggers of mine.

Lately I'm eager to read a few people that have exciting news to share. If you're looking for something joyful or uplifting, read either Angela or Angie. They're both lovely ladies going through the experiences of a lifetime, and I bloggy love them both.

If you're not reading Kimba, you should be. I love the insights she shares about both home and family. She's chock full o' ideas for how to spiff up your house without spending a lot of money, and I'm always inspired by her.


I've got oh so many pictures to share from Halloween, but naturally I'm at work and don't have my camera. I'll have to do some photo sharing in my next post. Not to mention I still haven't written about our trip to Hawaii, which I think I'm completely recovered from now that last week is over. This weekend was well spent doing absolutely NOTHING productive, which means I feel rested and less crazy today.

Happy November!

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Laurie said...


I was thinking about you today so I thought I'd come here to see what you've been up to. Ah, technology...don't you just love it? Back in the old days, I would have just called you up on the...gulp...telephone (whatever that is). You went to Hawaii??? Jealousy! And you're in trouble because that picture at the top is clearly you and the kids in Monterey and I don't believe I got a phone call to meet up. That's okay, I was busy rearranging my sock drawer anyway.

xoxo, Laurie