Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here, finally, are a few pictures from our trip to Hawaii a few weeks back. We stayed at an Army recreational facility on the southwestern part of Oahu. It's military, so that means one thing: your basic needs will be met, and that's IT! This was fine by us, as we weren't there to soak up the charm of a room. To make up for the simpleness of the location, we were gifted with a view like this on our first evening there.

We were actually in the water, all seven of us (which includes my parents and my brother), during the actual sunset on this night. The water was warm, the weather was perfect and the sky....was incredible. It was inspiring. People write poems about skies like this! That is possibly my favorite memory from this trip.

We toured the island quite a bit over the week. We saw the blow hole, we saw Waikiki, and the highlight for Rick and I was a trip to Pearl Harbor, which I'll save for another day. One unfavorite memory was the night and day that Noelle and I were terribly sick with a virus. Thankfully nobody else got it, but we did miss one of the more beautiful days on the island, before the humidity really set in.

In the end, I'm glad that we went, but Rick and I do hope to go back and spend some kid-free time on another island. We never really took a honeymoon ten years ago because we were so busy buying a house and getting married. Instead, we spent a few days in Carmel, figuring we'd take that "big trip" later. Only we never did. I guess we've still got a lot to look forward to!

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Angela said...

Oh my gosh your pictures are gorgeous!! I would swear that the background in one of you and Noelle was photoshopped.