Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Booty Continued...

Yes, the gift giving has continued, and I'm still enjoying some office love.  To date I have now been lucky to receive:
 - One Marie Callendars pie
 - One bottle of Cider with a fancy opener with our company logo
 - One bag of fancy almonds
 - One Nordstrom gift card

That is certainly sufficient and I would be happy with less, but I suspect there could be more to come tomorrow.  I only wish it would be this.

But that just doesn't seem too likely.  Sure, I dropped hints.  Sure, my bosses know I want one desperately.  Sure, it would seem easy for them to team up and buy it together to give me from all of them as an amazing and wonderful gift to their favorite assistant EVER!

More than likely I'm looking at another gift card to a store I can't afford in the real world.  But it's the thought that counts, right?  Surely I jest -- kind of.

We had our company Christmas party today.  There was a delicious meal provided by both the company and the employees, and then Santa put in his appearance after much humor as we tried to get him on the phone.  Both kids received a gift that they were thrilled with -- especially Charlie.  Amazingly, the new popular toy at school is no longer Bakugans, Legos or Pokemon cards.  Nope -- the new hit is this:

Marbles!  Charlie comes home every day with a whole new set after many games of "Keepsies" at school.  He never seems disappointed even when he loses some of the most amazing marbles I've ever seen.  Honestly, I think it bothers me more than it does him when he trades away beautiful ones that I'd have trouble letting go of.

Two more days until Christmas Eve -- I'm hosting everything at our house this year so I spent a few hours this afternoon getting the Christmas Eve menu planned and purchased.  I know it won't hit some people's expectations of what Christmas "feels like," but I'm going to do the best I can to give my kids one to remember.


Tasha said...

Nordstrom. SWEEEEEEEET! DH and I totally skipped our personal gift giving this year (too busy) an decided to just take each other shopping. Nordstrom is def on my list. Nice job, Merrie. You must be doin something right! Heehee :P

Tasha said...

BTW - I cant belive I'm checking in fom Norristown, Pennsylvania! OMG!