Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

It's been a lovely Christmas.  My family joined us for the traditions of eating too much and opening lots of presents -- traditions we've enjoyed for years.

Noelle enjoyed dressing up for Christmas eve in her party dress and fancy shoes.  Her first high heels -- she could not love them more.

Dinner consisted of spiral ham, spinach salad, beans and a delicious potato dish that I found in Taste of Home.  (The salad came from there as well.)  I love how recipes from that magazine can be counted on to be amazing the very first time you make them.

Santa was kind enough to drop by during the night and leave some goodies for the children.  Charlie came in to wake us up at 5am this morning to tell us, but we just growled at him and went back to sleep.  I was much more keen on the news at 6:30 when he tried again.

Before the total destruction of all wrapping paper, we enjoyed some cinnamon rolls and coffee by the tree.  My brother was good enough to get this picture of us in my pre-disaster living room.

I especially like this part of the picture -- three generations of Lake girls.

One family gift we received was also a hit.  Unfortunately we can't use it until we get to a store that's open and buy some kernals.  It's going to be a fun movie night...tomorrow!

Merry Christmas Everybody!