Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day is a Comin'!

I'm escaping this weekend.

The kids and I are taking off for my parents' place up in the mountains.  My brother is joining us and we're going to enjoy a weekend with my mom and dad, who will probably enjoy spoiling their children just a little bit.  And I don't mind that.  Someone else doing the cooking?  Okay!  Champagne brunch on Valentines Day?  Sure!

I've had fun buying a few fun things for the kids on Valentines Day.  One of my favorite V-day memories was in Novato when my brother and I woke up to little goodies awaiting us at our breakfast table, so I'm doing the same for Charlie and Noelle this Sunday.  Big heart shaped pillows...decorated place mats...mnm candies.  Thank you Target!  And thank you Mom for the idea that it would be fun for them to wake up to presents on the table this Sunday morning.
Today was wonderful -- I had a free day, so I volunteered in both classrooms at the kid's school.  Noelle's teacher was great about putting me to work and having me sort papers, give tests and quiz the kids on their sight words.  Then, after lunch, I spent a few hours in Charlie's class and had so much fun with him and his classmates.  I got to help a bunch of them finish their "dream boards," where they put pictures up of what they want to have or be when they grow up.  The funniest pictures to find and print were ones of money, houses and fancy cars.  Better still were their hopes for how much money they would make -- nobody had less than "$30 dollars a week" or "$40 dollars a month", which was hilarious next to pictures of ferraris and mansions.  Kid concepts of money crack me up.

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend and have a loving Valentine's day.  I know I will!


The Mom Jen said...

Have a lovely time! See u when u get back for a GNO.

Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

Hope you had a great weekend!

And those kids are wise to set goals like making $30 a week - it will only go UP from there, right? LOL

Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

Sent your blog some love today!