Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good morning, class

We've got a teacher in our midst.

The other morning I heard Noelle chattering away in our living room, so I poked my head in to see what was going on.

She had lined up all of her Littlest Pet Shop animals in a row on my grandmother's hope chest, and had seated herself in front of them.  She was holding some paper and a pen, and was apparently taking attendance.  The sweetest part was that she was referring to herself by her own teacher's name.

"Good morning, Pink Puppy."

  "Good morning, Mrs. S."

"Good morning, Parrot."
  "Good morning, Mrs. S."

I really think that says a lot for the teacher that Noelle was proud to be her and teach like her.  I only wish we could keep the kids in the same classrooms forever -- they're both blessed right now with amazing teachers that are perfect for them.  It's funny to me that while the teachers are all counting down the days until summer vacation, I'm wishing that time would slow down so that the kids could be with them that much longer.

To all you teachers out there who love what you do and are a wonderful influence to your kids -- THANK YOU!

To my first grade teacher, Miss Hess -- here's a tip for you: when you're upset with your students, don't grab them by the face and squeeze their cheeks and jaw.  I assure you none of us were going home and pretending to be YOU.

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Angela said...

That's so cute!

I think it's kind of sad that I can remember more about teachers who were mean than I can about teachers I actually liked. I hope Noelle will always remember Mrs. S.