Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 is turning out to be my favorite year!


Anyone out there?

It's been so long since I even looked at the blogging world, that I barely know where to start!  Post an update?  Read up on my favorite bloggers?  Respond to emails I've received about my blog?  It's a little overwhelming.

I'll keep it as simple as possible.

Thanksgiving was lots of fun at my mom and dad's house.
My divorce was final at the same time, which surprised me since I'd been led to believe it would be much sooner.  Oh well!  Signed, sealed, delivered!
Transitioned over to a new company via my old company.
Had a nice Christmas with my family at home.

2011 is definitely starting off with a bang!

And now to get caught up on my favorite blogs.  What have all you people been up to....?


Mere said...

Hey there! I wondered what happened to you!! I'm so glad the holidays were good and your divorce was final. You met someone? YOU GO GIRL!! I'm soooo happy for you :) I've missed you!


The Mom Jen said...

So Happy for You! You're Glowing!