Wednesday, February 9, 2011

iPhone HEAVEN!




After all the years the iPhone has been out, I am FINALLY the proud owner of one!!

What stopped me?  How about AT&T's sucky coverage?  I was never willing to give up my Verizon coverage for the likes of that!  All the talk over the last few years about Verizon getting the iPhone eventually gave me hope, and I was oh so very patient.  Finally, my day has come!

As a current customer with an upgradable plan, I was able to order it last Thursday, and Monday it arrived.  Sweet heaven in a box.

Of course you can't activate it until you have your iTunes account in front of you, and wouldn't you know my iTunes is on my home laptop.  I honestly don't know how I got through Monday.

It took a few hours to get that thing up and running -- the biggest irritation being the hour and a half it took to transfer 1129 songs onto it.  But finally I got it done and the first person I called was my cousin in Monterey.  The call was clear as a bell and I could not be more impressed with the screen!  I guess my first generation iPod Touch is showing its age -- the kids are pretty excited that it will now be theirs.  I am, too.

I haven't made a Face Time call just yet, but I'm hoping I'll have one today.  This is what it should look like once my friend Lisa gets hers up and running.

As for all you iPhone lovers out there -- do you have any apps that you just can't live without?  Share!!


Mere said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you finally got an iPhone and didn't give up your coverage! I have yet to use Facetime...I don't have a favorite app....sorry!

Love, Mere

Such The Spot said...

I just got mine, too. I'm a Verizon kind of gal as well. I don't have any recommendations on apps, but I'm LOVING the phone. Send news my way if you find any can't-live-without apps.