Thursday, February 10, 2011


I did a lot of thinking the last 24 hours about my post a few days ago. While I was aiming for humor in why things didnt work out with the gentleman from southern CA, in retrospect, my commennts were rather thoughtless and would be very hurtful if ever viewed by this person. The truth is he's a good person that deserves happiness with someone that shares his common interests. It just happens that this person is not me.

What am I looking for? I suppose there's no perfect package wrapped up with a bow that defines it perfectly. In terms of the more shallow stuff, which I touched on in the deleted post, I definitely would love to meet someone who enjoys good wine, has a similar taste in music and can kick back to watch a good movie, etc. More importantly, I'd like someone in my life with similar values, ideals and faith. And as it turns out I don't want someone so conservative that they lose sight of people in their quest for "what's right and what's wrong". Can't we all just get along?

Anyway, these are my thoughts on an early sleepless Thursday morning.

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