Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Something I’ve always loved about my immediate family is how much we all love a good laugh.

When I was growing up we spent a lot of time in the car on road trips, often going to visit family, or just on an outing to see some part of the world around us. While we were in the car, we managed to find things to keep us entertained as a family.

Two favorite artists that kept us in stitches were Billy Crystal and Ray Stevens.

One Christmas, somewhere around 1985, my brother received this comedy album as a gift.

As a family, we listened to it so many times that we memorized most of it. Billy’s humor is wide reaching, with some things that I got, and some that went right over my 10 year old head. Like when he suggests he could feel liver spots bursting right out on his hands when his daughter asked him, “Dad, is it true Paul McCartney was in another band before Wings?”  That one took me a few more years.

My favorites, however, are when we can insert a simple couple of words into conversation that nobody else understands, but gives any one of us a chuckle at any moment. The best example I will share here today – if you know who Howard Cosell was, you’ll appreciate his “interview” with various famous boxers of the past. And you’ll also understand why any one of us will laugh out loud if you say the words

I like eggs.

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Rachel said...

I love the "Trust Me I'm a Ninja" shirt...plus that cabin is awesome.
That is really the way to go for a family outing.
Thanks so much for sharing.