Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rivers and Berries and Camping - Oh my!

As you may know, every year my favorite August tradition is to spend a weekend at my parent's place in the country.  We go to the river, barbeque, pick berries and make jam.  I cherish these times and am glad I can continue to enjoy them for as long as my parents will live there.

And when they don't, perhaps I'll go up there anyway and pick berries until someome throws me off the property.  Some traditions are meant to be kept!

This year the kids and I brought along one of my oldest and dearest friends, Michael.  (He's not old -- I've just known him for 20 years.)  He's one of my most favorite people in the world to be around -- he brings a sense of peace and joy that I don't usually have, so I try to have him around as much as possible.  Amazingly, he hasn't run for his life yet.

My camera battery died after just a few shots, so thanks to Michael and his camera, there are some wonderful pictures to be seen from our weekend.  Here are my favorites!

Swimming at the river -- the kids never got out except to eat and sustain their energy.  They were WIPED OUT that night!

Mom and I managed to find a bit of shade to hide in.  Thanks to Michael hanging out with the kids, we were able to get a nice visit in -- just the two of us.

I love this of me and my crew heading back from the water.

That night we celebrated Charlie's 10th birthday with some yummy cupcakes and ice cream sundaes.  Nobody was more pleased than this guy.
The next morning it was time to turn all the berries we picked into jam.  The kids enjoyed helping -- especially the part where we have to "shmoosh" the berries.

Halfway through our trip we took off for the Malakoff Diggins State Park up near Nevada City for an overnight camping trip.

Best. Time. Ever.

Here was our no-frills cabin that was absolutely perfect.

We couldn't have picked a better weekend.  The weather was just right -- not too warm or too cold.  We hiked around a bit, and the three of them even explored some of the mining tunnels that still exist.  The views were spectacular and absolutely worth seeing in person.

For dinner the kids and I made our favorite taco salad, which was promptly followed by s'mores.  After we got the kids to sleep that night, we managed to enjoy my favorite bottle of Hollywood Red (thanks Jen!) and a fire under the full moon.  It was a perfect night of talking and enjoying being with one of my best friends. 

Insert picture of said best friends.

Malakoff Diggins may shut down after this coming Labor day due to lack of state funding, which just kills us.  Our hope is that it will stay open and we can go back again and again to enjoy all that it has to offer.

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Ali said...

That cabin looks absolutely perfect! Love the scenery and the cupcakes!