Thursday, April 26, 2012

Room Makeover #1 Complete!

We're tired, we're sore and we're still finding paint in those hard to reach places. 

But we're also DONE with Charlie's room!

It turned out really great -- the color he chose is gorgeous and we're all really pleased.

We very nearly didn't finish by the end of the weekend thanks to my gall bladder attack on Saturday morning/mid day that literally put me in the fetal position.  (That's the most comfy place, it turns out.)  Once the major pain subsided, and the house was blistering hot from the unusual heat wave we were having, Charlie and I got down to it.  He lasted for about 1/4 of each wall before he would get bored tire out and head to the couch.  Me?  I barely left the room before 8pm that night.  I'm funny that way.

Here's the final product!  You might recall this view from the last picture I posted of Noelle's former room. It's really quite a change!

This one captures the color really well. It's called "Rainy Lake."

Once we had it all cleared out, we put in the new bedroom furniture that was my brothers, and Charlie decorated it with his fave pillows and turtle. Amusingly, the scent of my brother's stuff has lingered, so Charlie's room still smells like paint and his uncle.

I don't think he minds a bit.

A key moment in this transformation was in the van on the way home from the paint store.  Charlie was surprised at how much the paint had cost, and then asked me how much I had paid for the furniture.  I told him, and when he added it all up, he was astounded.  He very sincerely thanked me, at which point I took the opportunity to tell him he's welcome, but that this was something I was happy to do.  He needed something nice like this, and parents love doing things for their kids.  I told him that the desire never goes away, either.  I pointed out how my own parents still love "doing" for me, and that we'll all feel that way about our children until the day we die.

The idea that making him happy made me happy overwhelmed him for a moment, and we held hands the rest of the drive home. 

That was all I needed.

Next up -- Noelle's new room!

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