Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Complete!

Room Makeover # 2 is complete!

Well, almost.  I still need to fix some color issues with the ceiling, and the baseboards and door frames and closet doors need painting.  Not to mention a new bedspread is in order.  But, the really HARD part is DONE!  Noelle picked a lovely set of colors with lavender and yellow, which we painted on opposite walls of each other.

 The wood dresser belonged to her dad, which we refinished back when Charlie was born.  It's been in his room until now, but with his new furniture, he no longer needs it.  So Noelle has inherited it and is enjoying have more space for her clothes and crafts.

The ruffled pillows are SO SOFT!  We picked them up at Home Goods, the best store ever.  None of them completely matches anything yet, but they will be cute with the bedspread she's picked out.  I told her we'll pick that up after the next payday. 

Now to move on to the rest of the house -- the interior family areas haven't been painted since before we moved in, and I'm embarassed to the point of not wanting people to come over.  I'm considering hiring painters to save myself the aggrevation, but the penny pincher in me is also considering just taking a week off in early summer to just go to town on it myself.  Time will tell!

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