Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthday #37 has come and gone.

And may I just say...it was a GREAT one.

I'm always a fan of celebrating, and this year it was basically a three day party with friends.  It started out on Saturday with a trek to Carmel with the guy in my life.  We went wine tasting in Carmel Valley and put our feet in the sand at Carmel beach.  I don't care how long you live on the California coast -- you never get tired of views like this one.

It was cold, and yes, we kept our shoes on, but it was still beautiful.  Now ask me if I took even ONE more picture during this trip.

I am very sorry to say I did not.  Apparently I am the worst scrapbooker EVER.

Anyway, after a difficult afternoon of lunch in town and views of the ocean, we wandered off to Carmel Valley for a little wine tasting.  The surprise of the day was that this hater of Pinot Noir (or at the very least "girl who has never found one she likes") finally found one I LOVED!  Not only did I buy a few bottles, but I joined the wine club of the winery.  How's that for finally finding my taste in red wine again?  (Lately I've been a Riesling/Moscato girl, and that left me wondering if I would ever love red again.)

I can't say enough about the wines here -- if you get a chance, check out Joyce Vineyards.  You won't be sorry!

That evening we enjoyed a dinner at Le Bicyclette upon the recommendation of my boss, who raved about it.  It's a darling little Cafe in the heart of Carmel that serves the yummiest pizza we had ever had.  I will be back.  Oh yes, I will be back.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, there was some sad news in the morning.  On the way home from Carmel, I checked in on Facebook, only to discover my very dear friend's father had passed away the night before.  She was wonderfully taking care of my son overnight so that I could have my little getaway, and unbeknownst to me, she was going through something awful.  I was actually glad to be on my way to her house that morning so that I could give her a hug and let her know I loved her.  She was wonderful to my boy, despite the loss, which once again proves what a kind person she is. 

Later that day, my dearest friends came over -- Mark, Lisa and Michael, with little Julian who FINALLY really likes me now.  There were hugs and kisses the entire day.  I can die happy now.  We all had fun talking and laughing and visiting at my house, which for me is the perfect way to spend a day.  We followed it up with dinner at our local hamburger joint that was part of last year's bday dinner, too.  The owners appreciated that and I was treated to a brownie sundae.  This was also the night that my friends met "the new guy," and all went well.  I heard nothing but nice things and they all liked him just fine.  How could they not?  He's MISTER easy going and kind.

Monday was light in the day with a shopping and lunch date with my girl.  She is always happy to help me spend money I shouldn't be, but in the end we always have a fabulous time.  That night a few of my girlfriends came over for some food and wine, which is always plentiful at my house.  It was a nice way to end the 3 days and reminded me how wonderful it is to be with people I love.

And now...now I am 37 and have quite a few gift cards to spend.  The Starbucks ones will definitely be put to good caffeine use, but the Target one?  I'm amused to say it's going to buy me a new shower head for my bathroom.  And I'm more amused to say that I'm excited about it.

Nope, not a teenager anymore!  But definitely a lot smarter.

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Leslie said...

I understand the excitement over a shower head. I bought myself a vacuum for my birthday and am totally in love with it. I guess, it's the little things that really get me excited (though a good vacuum isn't such a little purchase anymore)