Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloweens Past

We survived Halloween just fine -- Noelle was a bumble bee and Charlie was "Steve from Minecraft."  Maybe two people knew what that was.  To the rest of the world he was a slacker.  But whatever -- as long as he's not out causing trouble, who cares?  I happily give the less than dressed up teens some candy, because it's good clean fun and they're not egging my house or smashing my pumpkins.  I think that's a fair trade.

I was thinking this week about all the costumes I've worn over the years.  After all, I've had quite a few of them now, so there are a lot of years to go back and think on.  Just for fun, and to prove how NOT clever I am sometimes, here are the ones I'm sure I can remember (or am aware of thanks to pictures).

Listed in order of age, to the best of my ability:

Cute, not scary
Old man
Thanks to a beard and funny bald hat
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Plastic mask and all
I wasn't kidding about not being clever
Safari hunter
You would never get away with a plastic gun nowadays
Cat Burglar
I dressed in black, wore ears and whiskers, and had a chain of cats attached to me as if I was stealing them.  "CAT" burglar - get it?  Neither did anyone else.
50's girl
That was a favorite.  I borrowed my dad's actual Letterman sweater, had my hair in a pony, a poodle skirt, etc. 
Clown (again)
My mom had a full sized outfit that I was able to wear in my teen years, so it was a no-brainer in high school.

At my last company we were way into celebrating Halloween, so for several years I participated in a theme with my team, which led to my being a Pink Lady (from Grease), a Vegas dealer, a girl at the beach in a 20's themed bathing suit, and lastly - my favorite - the Penguin (nun) from The Blues Brothers.  That one was a LOT of fun.  People were amused when I blessed them.

I know there were more costumes than that, but this is what I can recall on a Thursday afternoon after a week that has kicked my sorry backside.  I'm reaaaally ready for a fun celebratory weekend with friends and family.  Conveniently, my birthday is this Sunday, so DONE.

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