Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Wrap Up

2013 is really going well at our house.

It didn't hurt that we had a very nice Christmas.

Two, actually.

The first was with family, and while it only lasted about 24 hours, it was enough to cover all the important stuff -- Christmas cookie baking, big dinner eating, Santa visiting, presents enjoyed and stockings stuffed.  Or maybe that's "stockings unstuffed." 

There wasn't a lot of magic for me to be had in that 24 hours.  I stayed up past everyone else and baked the breakfast casserole, stuffed the stockings, ate the cookies and poured out the milk.  (You will never see me drink milk, especially after it's been sitting out for hours.  Blech.)  With few surprises to be had, I mostly enjoyed the joy that came from my little ones as they discovered their gifts. 

Our 2nd Christmas was celebrated with just us and my boyfriend, Russ, who was previously in Montana with family over the holiday.  We started with a delicious meal that turned out to be a hit with all of us -- even the kids!  (They hadn't enjoyed the Christmas prime rib, but the beef fillet with cracked pepper?  Amazing!)  After the kitchen was cleaned up, we played a game that Charlie had gotten in his stocking -- Left Center Right.  It was fun and had us all laughing and enjoying one another a lot.  Finally we opened presents, but I love that it wasn't the first priority for any of us.  I think the kids are finally getting to an age where they appreciate the anticipation a bit more, which I'm glad for.  I love the fun of not knowing and wondering when it comes to gift giving.

That said, I think we all made out like bandits.  I knew what the kids would be receiving, and everything was as much of a success as I had suspected it would be.  Another high point was the anticipation that I finally got to have in wondering what Russ would be gifting me.  He successfully shocked the life out of me when I opened the iPad 3 that he bought me.  (I'm still not over the shock.)  I half surprised him -- he knew I was giving him one of two watches that I had him pick out, but he didn't know that I would be giving him a DVD of one of the best movies of all time, "Amazon Women on the Moon."  We had talked about it some time back and we both loved it, but neither of us owned it for some reason, so I remedied that.

Still, I think his gift wins.

Now into 2013 we are going.  So far, so good.  And I can say that despite the fact that I will officially be out of a job in 3 weeks.  See?  Glass half full!

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