Thursday, February 28, 2013

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

It's been a bit of a whirlwind, job wise.

Last summer I quit the company I had been with from the start because the CEO was an unpleasant person to work for.  She didn't do anything that I couldn't live with (aside from trying to humiliate me in front of my co-workers, badmouthing me behind my back and generally just hating me for being younger and taller), but in the end I wanted to be paid what I was worth and her opinion of my worth was different from mine.

It didn't take me long to find the right job to leave the last one for, and there was a lot of fake surprise and disappointment when I resigned.  Sure.  Never mind that I gave them three weeks notice, helped them for a few months with the transition and STILL get phone calls from our VP with problems that they can't solve.  I was obviously not a valuable employee.

Oh, and never mind that they FIRED the CEO a week after I left.  Clearly I was the one who wasn't a good fit there, eh?

The new company that I joined was great!  A view of the ocean from my desk...a commute that was practically cut in half...a boss that actually LIKED me and saw my worth.

And then three weeks after I started, the CEO died.


Maybe I'm bad luck.

Anyway, the company carried on for some time, but by the end of the year decided to dissolve. 

Goodbye view of the ocean!

My goal for my next job was to see if I could stay near the coast.  After all, that commute isn't bad, and it's near Russ, which is a perk.  I looked and hoped but didn't see any opportunities, until a good friend in the area came across a job and sent it to me.  It was a perfect fit!

I got myself an interview within a week, and within a few days after that I had the job on a "temp/trial" basis.  The new CEO was nervous that my bad luck might extend his way.

Which brings us to now.  I've been temping part time for a month to "prove myself," which it seems I have, so I'll be starting full time on Monday.

My new CEO is an older gentleman who has done a lot of good in the world and is doing more good for women's health with this company.  His major downfall?  Short temper and quick to yell.

I think the next time I encounter that, I'll give him a wink and remind him of my luck with CEO's.  He might want to re-think getting so worked up.  It's not good for his health.  ;)

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