Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Job Schmob

So much for the new job!

Obviously I feel the need to be careful about what I share online, but the basics are easy.

The new boss was a lying thief.  Does it get any clearer than that?  He came about that title in various ways, including not paying employees (for months!), convincing them to leave their jobs and homes to work for him (when there was no way to pay them), and the final highlight was watching him skip out on his current landlord to avoid paying the rent he owes.  I mean that literally -- she was out on a Tuesday, so he arranged for movers to come and move his office on a Tuesday.  No word, no courtesy call, no nothing. 

I do NOT work for people like that.  So I left.  And I don't mean I turned in my notice and gave him time to replace me.  If he isn't going to show anyone any respect in this world, why should he receive any?  So I did something I have NEVER done in my working life.  I waited until mid-day, after one co-worker had quit and another was about to, and while the boss was picking someone up about 10 minutes away, I left.

I was courteous enough to leave a note, my files and my key, but after that I packed up my personal stuff and walked out.  By the time he returned, I was nowhere to be found. At the same time he was discovering my exit, he was served with papers from the last employee exit of the day.  In my opinion. a well deserved triple hit.

The few times in my life I've been around scheming underhanded selfish people, I've managed to remove them from my life.  There is no room for them in my world, and the same goes for this business owner.  Thankfully, I was "temporary" and worked through an agency, so I was paid for the month that I was there.  No such luck for the other folks.  He talked to the agency after I notified them, and was just sick about my leaving.  Asked if there was anything he could do - money, flexibility, etc, in order to get me back.  Yeah, that'll happen.  Three words come to mind:

I'm.  Not.  Stupid.

So now I'm enjoying a little time at home with the kids, and hoping that we can spend spring break together, whilst I hunt for the next best job.  Of course, now I'll be a little less trustworthy and a little more jaded about the people I work for.  That's really the biggest downside of the situation.

The upside?  Meeting the other people that I quit with.  We agreed that we shared something with each other that none of us will ever forget.  And hopefully we learned to ask all the right questions and do all the right research before we walk into the unknown.  Because unfortunately, the unknown doesn't always pay the bills!

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