Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random Fact Thursday?

Let's do a little random fact post, shall we?

Easter was a success!  Despite the rain, which led to the big EB hiding eggs and baskets in the house, the kids had a lot of fun and my family enjoyed a nice visit.  It was Russ' first time at my parent's house, as well as his first Easter with us, and I think he enjoyed himself.  A nice highlight was going to the cute downtown they live near to eat some lunch, browse some shops and enjoy some ice cream.  That afternoon brought me more peace then I've felt in a while.

Still job hunting!  I do have a few good leads, and am arranging interviews, but for now I'm really enjoying my time at home with my kids.  They're on spring break this week and it's nice being off with them.  Eventually responsibility will lead me back to an office and high heels, but until then, I'm all about the stay at home mom biz.

Speaking of spring break -- we went to the beach yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and water.  (Me the sunshine and Noelle the water.)  The insane highlight of that trip was when a pesky seagull, who'd been circling me and my delicious sandwich for a bit, actually leapt up from behind me and took the 2nd half of my sandwich!  It was heavy so he fell, and I got up too fast and fell, so we really looked like a couple of fools.  In the end, he took off with the bread and I was left with a sandy BLT.  That was the end of that.  He heard me exclaim as he flew out of sight, "This just reinforces my hatred for all of you!"

Meet the Parents.  This weekend I'm meeting the parents of a friend that I really like.  They actually want to meet me because they've met Russ and they want to meet the girl that is hopefully good enough for him.  I'm always good with parents, so I'm sure it will be a delight to meet me.  ;)  I kid.  But seriously, you can take me anywhere.  Now to offer to bring dessert, and after that, figure out what to make!

Reviews!  I've been doing a lot of reviews lately for my friend Jen at The Mom Reviews.  ("A lot" is actually not that many compared to what she does full time, but for little me, it's a lot!)  Here are some faves, in case you're interested.

"Must. Have. Wine.  A Toast to Motherhood."  Book review (The writer actually sent me a thank you note for the review!)

Plus Motif tablet cases - love them!

There are more (a few of them possibly involving alcoholic beverages) which you can find if you look around on her awesome review blog.

I'm off to enjoy some girl time with my girl now.  She's feeling a little punk so we're going to put a firelog in the fireplace and watch a chick flick.  I LOVE having a girl (most days.)

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