Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nine Down, One to Go

I am sad to report that we are winding down the summer and prepping for school to start in five days.  Thankfully, it was a good summer with a lot of action and travel, which we love.  Here are a few pictorial highlights.


Which for some reason I called "Yosemite" about 893 times.

Noelle flew (alone!) to Oregon for a visit to her aunt and cousin.  The cousin then drove Noelle all the way to California, where we had a great visit up at my parent's house for our annual berry picking / jam making / river swimming trip. 

Now the backpacks are bought and filled with new binders and paper and pencils.  There's much enthusiasm that it will be a great year for everyone, and we have high hopes for wonderful experiences.

Check back with me in a few weeks to see if any of that has worked out.

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