Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween and What Not

We're coming up on Halloween, and the new company I'm working for --

 -- what's that?

A job?  Why yes, I do have a job!  Thanks for asking! 

Okay, okay, I haven't exactly been on top of the "big news in my life" category recently.  But can you blame me?  112 followers, and not one word or comment of "congrats!" when I note that I'm actually ENGAGED.  To be married.  In a wedding.  You know, "I Do?" 

Anyway, the other news of late to share is that I have started a fabulous new job at a fabulous new company that is actually closer to my home town than any job I've ever had.  Less commute time makes this girl happy.  I've also discovered that, like the other construction type company I've worked for in the past, they like to enjoy the holidays.  I think it has something to do with being an older company run by a lot of the same people, and sticking to old values and traditions.

One tradition that I'm enjoying is the upcoming Halloween celebration this week.  There is a whole hoopla of events scheduled, and people can participate in multiple ways.  Our group is fantastically doing a fun theme that will include decorations, costumes and even a dance.  That's right!  It's going to be interesting.  I will hold off on sharing additional input for now, but rest assured there will be pictures coming.

The kids have had fun putting costumes together this year.  Charlie was a little unsure of the direction he was going to go until he found a bright green hoodie sweatshirt that goes ever so perfectly with a Minecraft creeper mask that he'd had his eye on.  There was some drama surrounding getting our hands on one after they sold out at our Target, but it didn't take me long to track one down elsewhere.  Mom's are good that way.  Unfortunately his first experience wearing it, to the junior high dance, ended badly when the bullies we've been dealing with were right there at the entrance and couldn't wait to start taking shots at him.  He left immediately and wouldn't go back.  Can you blame him?  Some of these kids have been knocking him to the ground and yet there they are at the dance with no consequence at a social function of any kind.  No, I'm not happy.  Yes, I am taking steps to escalate this above and beyond the principal.  This mama bear has had ENOUGH.

Noelle's costume is a bit more unique -- she has fun finding bits and pieces here and there to come up with something completely different than everyone else, which I totally dig about her.  I always call her my little Carrie Bradshaw.  Her taste in clothes is wild and eclectic, and even when she puts things together that I would never even consider, she pulls it off and looks amazing.  She definitely does not get that from me!

What's everyone else's plans for Halloween?  Are you dressing up?  Do you have a family theme or decoration you love?  Share or link to your blog and I'll check it out!


Leslie said...
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Leslie said...


I don't have a costume for myself, but my littlest one (he's 4 now) is going as cookie monster. I made the costume when PQ was 4 and now Bud is going to wear it. He's SUPER excited - mostly because he really is a cookie monster. PQ this year is not as into Halloween as I would have expected. He's going as a hunter, mostly because he couldn't find what he was looking for in the costume section of any store (not that I have any idea what he was looking for).

BTW - Congrats on the engagement! I've been really bad about reading blogs and not commenting lately. I haven't even taken time to post to my own blog lately...

Merrie said...

Thank you, Leslie! That means a lot! And I LOVE Cookie Monster -- I can't wait to see the pictures!