Saturday, August 5, 2017

Out with the old, in with the new

A few more months have passed us by and here we are at the tail end of summer.  It's been a good one, overall.  Charlie did have some summer school, so there were a few weeks of early mornings and homework, but once he got that out of the way we were free to enjoy our freedom.  We swam...we rode roller coasters...we played games...we slept in...we overall enjoyed the chance to enjoy life without a lot of "have to's" mixed in.  I am grateful.

With the beginning of school comes the usual routines that we are often less than enthusiastic about.  Early mornings.
Too much homework.
Grumpy kids.  (Is that a routine?)

I myself am fairly enthusiastic about another year of subbing because I now have a car payment to make every month!  Yes, we finally traded in our beloved minivan that kindly carried us from here to there for over 14 years, because frankly the old girl was losing her looks.  Sure, the engine was still running well, but when you have duct tape holding your door's interior in place, you start to feel a little embarrassed.  Plus the auto door could no longer be opened or closed, so everyone had to get in from the other side.  And let's not talk about the the little dinging noise coming from my side of the car that would only get louder and LOUDER as I accelerated.  I think my sanity is worth something - don't you?!?!

And so out with the old, and in with the new -- a 2016 Chevy Equinox that I am thoroughly enjoying.  All the bells and whistles work, the interior is in place, and there's not a bit of duct tape in sight.

Funny how your standards change!

The more exciting news about the start of school is a big one for us: both kids are going to be in high school this year!  Finally, one location to carpool to!  And we're genuinely excited that Noelle will be a freshman because she's what you might call a "participator."  She will want to go to the football games, the dances, the rallies -- you name it!  I personally like being involved in such things, or at least attending the games, so we'll be out there with the cheering crowd and being a part of things.  I can't wait!

I envy my kids being in school together again.  My brother was five years older than me, so I was far enough behind that I didn't start high school until after he graduated.  For my kids there will always be someone on campus who will have their back.  And like me, my daughter will know a lot of upperclassman because she's the younger sibling of one.  I remember getting hugs and hellos from various seniors when I was a freshman -- it felt great to be singled out and noticed by these "kids" that basically looked like adults.  I felt safe.  I hope it's that way for her.

Now I'm off to enjoy our last cookout of the official "summer."  We're never done with the bbq, but tonight there will be burgers, a bonfire and s'mores.  Because if summer has to end, it needs to end with a BANG!

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