Saturday, October 27, 2018

And then there were THREE!

I've officially told the kids we can no longer volunteer at our favorite animal rescue.

Because this.

That's right -- the one on the right is NEW.

We dropped in to spend some time with the animals, and when you're with Noelle that means you're going to go to the dog kennels and play with dogs.  After a while, I started to wonder where Charlie was.  I decided to go in search of him, and found him in the kitten room with the biggest grin on his face.

"Mom, I've found a kitten that I want to take home."  Uh oh.

My first instinct was the usual, "No honey, we can't adopt another one."  And then he picked her up.  And she turned into a puddly mess in his arms, just loving being held and purring the entire time.  She was the same with me and then the same with Noelle.  We couldn't get over how loving and friendly she was.  And daring!  This kitten will jump up anywhere and isn't daunted by anything!

We went home with big smiles on our faces and decided we would bring Russ back the next day to meet her.  It wasn't tough to convince him that she was the necessary third for our perfect kitten trifecta.  Once they met, he was smitten, too.  The best part was that she was a little older and was already fixed the week before, so we had her just a few days later.

Since she's Charlie's kitten it was his responsibility to name her.  He loved her tortoiseshell coloring and wanted to comment on how she looked like coffee.  I suggested Kona, and he loved it.  And so there you have it -- we have an Iris, a Junibelle and a Kona.

And now we really are careful at the shelter to avoid the kitten room.  We've been back to help with fall cleanup and what not, but we try not to fall under the spell of the little tiny meows.  Otherwise, we're in trouble!

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