Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The New Normal

The world is a very unique place in this year 2020, and I'm just doing my best to keep up with all of the changes.

There are a million opinions out there about everything going on, and I know I certainly have my own. But I've always wanted my blog to be a place where I can share about my life, my family and my thoughts on the things that effect me personally, so that's the way I'm going to keep it. That's not to say world news won't pop up, because how can it not? I'm just saying that for the most part, you can count on me keeping this to be a place where friends can find hope and humor and love.

That said - it's been a year! Since I've posted, I mean. Yup, a year since we lost our sweet Marley and then adopted our little thug pug. Back then I was working part time in the office of a local church, where I actually ended up developing some great relationships and became quite involved. It had its ups and downs, like any place where everyone wants to run things their own way, but overall they're good people with good intentions and I mostly felt like I was becoming a part of things. (There's always that one person that wants to make sure you remember that you haven't been there as long and that you don't really understand how things operate. Aren't they just the best Christians ever??) The best part of the job was the Pastor of the church, who I've actually become good friends with and can't wait to see again once we reopen our doors. She's so down to earth and such a former hippie - I just love her!

However, just as life goes, things change and you end up with those doors that open and close and then open again. The door to a job at a former company I enjoyed working for opened up right around the holidays, and I couldn't help but to peek in and see if it was a good fit for me. It turns out it was the perfect fit, and an opportunity I simply could not pass up, so I jumped on board and as of February I'm back to work full time. It's been a few years since I've done that, and I tell my husband regularly that I'm thankful for that time with my kids. I missed so much of them growing up because I was the sole supporter since my daughter was two, so to be around during the high school years was a gift.

Nowadays Charlie is a high school graduate that is trying to figure out his next step, and Noelle is gearing up for her senior year of high school. Where did the time go? Thankfully for them, Covid wasn't such a huge adjustment since Charlie had JUST quit his part time job and Noelle already does online high school. They're introverts anyway, and just as happy to be home on a daily basis, so this hasn't been all that hard. Mostly they just miss their friends. As for Russ and I - we've been working from home across the dining room table from each other for over two months now, and thankfully we still want to be married. Slowly but surely we're going back to work a day or two each week, but thankfully neither job is demanding us back 100% until after summer. Since everything is still a bit of a question mark amidst stores and restaurants opening up again, we're happy to take the wait and see approach for now. Not to mention how much easier it is to work from home and not worry about putting on a mask and sanitizing my hands constantly, which is what a day at the office feels like.

And there you have it! We're still here and healthy and mostly happy. I do miss my friends and can't WAIT to get out with them again. Our Bunco group almost started again this last week, but alas something came up and we're delayed until July. Soon enough this will all be a distant memory and we'll hopefully look back fondly on that time we were all quarantined together. But for now, this extrovert in a house full of introverts is ready to get out and play again!

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