Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Enemy

Meet my enemy. Thine name is Oreo.

I do not invite my enemy into my home. Because when it is here, I am powerless. I suddenly lose access to my common sense, and can think of nothing but dipping it in milk. Oh the soggy goodness. There is no self control. Everything about me changes, and all I can think about is how long it's been since I had one (or three), and will my husband notice if I have a few more?
Hmmm...the husband. HE is the guilty party in this! HE brought them into the house! Perhaps it's all a conspiracy on his part. Perhaps he really does prefer a "fluffy" wife, and knew that this would be my dreaded downfall in his desire for "more to love." Could it be? I can only hope.
They're almost gone. Soon, I can go back to my normal life, that does not include lactose tummy aches caused by all of this frenzied milk dipping and drinking. I won't have cookie breath, no cookie leftovers in my smile, and God willing, a little less guilt.
At least, until there's ice cream in the house again.


mom3crazygirls said...

so great to hear from you! I can hardly believe your little one is done with preschool - I remember when you were pregnant with her!! The dogs are darling! I'm with you on te evils of oreos - I passed them by yesterday at the store, but the ice cream isle was more dangerous!!!

The Mom Jen said...

Soggy goodness!!

I just threw a box of cupcakes in the cart at the store and I WILL hate myself in the morning, but for now.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm, such great descriptions ... I've been known to eat the last of whatever yummy thing we have just to get it OUT of the house ...

Aubrey said...

Whenever I pick these up at the store (double stuff of course!), I always tell myself they are for my husband. Ya right!
Great post!