Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Recovery

Hey Kids. Has anyone ever explained to you the reason it's not a good idea to play with fireworks? Let's all take a look at Amputee Dora for further explanation.

Okay, okay, so fireworks aren't truly the reason our Dora has a new look. This is actually the handy work of a certain Malberian Sibermute who still has issues with chewing on things that don't belong to her. Amazingly, the kids are surprised by this each and every time, even though we've continued to explain what can happen if they leave their toys all over the backyard. That's a puzzle. Perhaps I'm just not explaining this well enough? Could that be why they don't listen?

As for our Fourth of July -- great one! We spent the morning cleaning house, which is half the reason I invite people over -- incentive to clean! My best friends with their new baby arrived first, and while the kids were excited for hours beforehand, the arrival happened right in the middle of Spongebob. Yeah, yeah, baby schmaby. They couldn't have been less interested. I, on the other hand, couldn't have been more excited to hold a new baby again. I even got to change a diaper, and it came right back to me like it was yesterday. You wouldn't even know that it's probably been 2 years! I can't really say why I'm proud of this feat -- I just am.

(Hey, check it out -- this is where I do my late night/early morning blogging!)

We were later joined by my parents, my brother, and our dear friends Jamey and EriK with their two girls. Look, I remembered the K! The kids had a ball playing together, and once the sun set we were all out front, setting off fireworks (or if you're me, watching fireworks get set off!) We watched the big show from the school, and after a fabulous finale, watched the rest of the fancy ones our neighbors illegally purchased somewhere and then launched. It was a colorful and smoky night!


McMommy said...

Oh no!!! Poor Dora!! Swiper swiped her hands and a foot!!

ha ha! Glad you had a nice weekend!

Tasha said...

Hahahaha! I'm laughing about Dora!