Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Fog is Lifting

Am I turning into a fair weather blogger? One who only takes the time when she feels well enough to do it? Shame on me.

I'm finally at the end of this cold I've had, that unfortunately got worse before it got better. My great intentions this last weekend were to get my house clean and finally feel rested. That was all well and good until I got socked in the face (literally) by a sinus infection, an ear infection and, of all things, pink eye! The weekend ended up being a pity party for myself, hosted by me and unhappily attended by my husband and children.

On Sunday I finally did the smart thing -- I attempted to see a doctor. I had tried to see my own on Friday (you remember him -- my Robert Klein lookalike) but he was out. The only other options are ER or Urgent Care. In the end, I went with the cheaper option of Urgent Care, because I knew that neither could be deemed "faster."

I arrived to a waiting room filled with unhappy looking people and was told it'd be at least a few hours. No worries -- I brought book two of the Twilight series and some orange juice. I'm all set.

About two hours later, right around the time Bella was starting to like Jacob just a little too much, I was brought in to the exam room. Don't you love it when the nurse tells you, "The doctor will be right in." Sure. I'll hold on to that hope. Right up until I hear him stand outside the very thin door and walls and have a conversation with the nurse about her life for at least 15 minutes. And this after I had heard him visit the other patients waiting before me. I was so tempted to open the door and ask if they knew I was still here, but I wasn't feeling quite that grumpy yet. So I just coughed a few times. Loudly.

Dr. Whoever came in, looked, listened and left. I now have two prescriptions that have just about saved my little life. I've never felt so grateful to feel "normal." I'm still coughing so much that I can't sleep at night, but I'll take tired over sick any day of the week!

Tonight is the birthday celebration outing for my dear friend The Mom Jen, and this year she can be thankful for her friend that won't be contagious as we toast another great year.


Angela said...

Glad you're feeling better! Something has really been going around lately. I'm glad I haven't gotten it...even though a lot of my co-workers have been out sick.

The Mom Jen said...

So glad you're feeling better, we've all had it here too, so it's all good, looking forward to tonight!

Ranch Girl said...

Have fun tonight!!!!!

Ali said...

You have more patience than I do--I'm not sure if I would've waited!