Thursday, May 27, 2010

Writer's Workshop!

 Thank you Mama Kat for today’s inspiration, which wasn’t hard to find as soon as I read Writer’s Workshop idea #2.

2.) If you could do your wedding over, how would you do it?

Where do I start?!

Regardless of your marital status, I don’t think there are too many people out there who wouldn’t look back ten years later and have a few things they would do differently – am I right?

For me I think the downfall of all the things I look back on and cringe at can be summed up in a few key words.


I was a whopping 23 years old when I got engaged and started planning the biggest event of my life to date, and I was still 23 when that day came. Some of you out there might feel that at 23 you had all the knowledge and life experience necessary to plan the wedding of your dreams – good for you! I was not one of those people. I was young, unprepared and too willing to let other people tell me what I wanted.

Here is what I would do differently!

 - I would consider my mom’s suggestion about having an outdoor wedding. I didn’t consider it at the time because I wanted a traditional church wedding. I’m sorry now that the pictures show a ginormous sanctuary with the ugliest orange carpeting that was too big for my small wedding. If I get to do it again, my first choices are either barefoot on the beach or in a prettier church that fits the crowd.  (I do love this picture for my friend Sherie, though!)

 - The first time around I didn’t fight for my very best friend Mark to be in the wedding. It had taken some effort to get my brother in there, so I didn’t make a big deal again, and I’ve always regretted it. He offered to wear a dress for goodness sake! To heck with traditions -- the first thing I’m doing next time is asking that man to be my best man.

 - I would have pretty fresh flowers that are REAL. No paper flowers in sight. I don’t care if they’re going to die; I want them to smell good! I didn’t like the fake the first time around, and I wouldn’t do it the second. (This is an example of one of those things where I felt railroaded.)

 - I would take a honeymoon! We decided we shouldn’t spend the money because we were buying a house that needed furniture, etc. We were going to take our honeymoon a little later. And then we never did. Two and a half days in Carmel does not a true honeymoon make, unless you love antique shops and art shops. I didn’t care for either.

There are other things I would do differently just because my tastes have changed.

- No yellow gold jewelry
- Live music at the reception
- Brighter reception space, more light, brighter colors

What wouldn’t I change? Marrying the man I loved, who was (and still is) a good man, despite the things that have happened to us along the way. We aren’t where we thought we’d be, but I don’t regret what we wanted or the life we created.

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Kitty Deschanel said...

No honeymoon??
I love your ending for this post. Very sweet :)