Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day -- It's what you make of it!

This year my kids are my Valentines (again) and I don't think they mind.  They don't know it yet, but tonight we're having heart shaped home made pizza for dinner, and they're both getting a little throw blanket and heart shaped cookie from me.  Because I'm super fun mom who doesn't want to sit and cry in her wine that she doesn't have a Valentine.  (That's for after they go to bed and I'm alone with The Bachelor.)

Yuk yuk -- I'm mostly kidding.  ;)

Actually, I have had quite a few Valentines this year already.

First there was my friend Kim, who gave me a little heart shaped box o' chocolates and a home made cd of mix music.  (Thanks Kim!)  I've already partaken of one chocolate and it was gooood.

Then there was the card from my parents, who reminded me that I'm their sweet thing.  Yup, nothing seals up Valentines perfection like a pity card from your mom and dad.  That's okay, though -- I took the pity money and bought myself something fun in Carmel, so thanks Mom and Dad!

Lastly, there will be whatever I receive from Noelle tonight.  She and her class have apparently been working very hard on something for their parents, and she's beyond excited to give it to me.  I can hardly wait to see what it is!  Her teacher is very thoughtful and loves to spoil her class.  Today they're having actual cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes.  You've heard of them -- the founder is Candace Nelson who is a judge on Cupcake Wars, a favorite show at our house.  I can't wait to hear from Noelle how they were.

Perhaps next year will be my year to receive flowers at work and be taken out for a romantic dinner by someone special.  For now, I'll take the love of family and friends.  That feels pretty wonderful, too.

Have a Happy Valentines Day everybody!!


Mere said...

Hey Merrie!!

I have to tell you one thing...YOU ARE LOVED!! Happy Valentine's day!!

Love, Mere

The Mom Jen said...

Love you too!

Such The Spot said...

Merrie!!! I've been a lousy blog reader for far too long. SO much has changed since I last stopped by. I hope you're doing well.

As for the Valentines, we had pizza last night, too. Only our pepperoni was heart shaped instead of the pizza itself. And...there's nothing wrong with wine and The Bachelor--makes for a great Valentines evening if you ask me!

So...what did Noelle getcha?

Thomas Moran said...

This was lovely to readd