Sunday, June 16, 2013

One Down, Nine To Go

We've finished our first week of summer.

Hmmm, back up.  Let's start that off right.

IT'S SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more lunches, no more homework, no more early mornings -- my three least favorite things about the school year.  For seven days it's just been a blissful blur of games and late nights and movies and sleeping in.  I know it can't last forever, but I think we had it coming to us.  It was a rough year for all of us in some ways.  For Charlie it was the bullies (both kid and principal alike), and for Noelle it was the first real struggle of having to fight for a good grade.  Most things have come fairly easy to her, but like me, she struggles with math.  In the end, hiring a fantastic tutor and getting her back on track was the way to go.  She finished strong with all A's and a B in math.  Honor Roll!

To celebrate her hard work and Charlie's survival of Elementary School, they both received a little "somethin' somethin'" from mom.  For me, the 10 weeks off is gift enough.  My hope is for us to enjoy leisurely days by the ocean, active days in the hills and quiet days at home.  I don't want the summer to pass us by and have regrets that we didn't take full advantage of it.  Never mind that beach days equal sand mess and washing of towels and bathing suits over and over, not to mention the lunches and snacks to be packed.

Hmmm...what about my blissful blur?

Ah well, at least the chores will be for the good of the summer.  I can live with that.  Even if it's only for another nine weeks.


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